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Thermal Coating


Thermal Coating

The biggest fall short in steel fabrication, is getting the steel coated, eg Hot dip Galvanized ( HDG), painted, Thermal coated,

  • Qcomms have seen lead times of up to 30 days to have HDG,
  • Qcomms have now to service their clients and help with these huge delays, invested in thermal coating system, a total game changer for delivery times,
  • Qcomms can now control the quality, and time frame of steel

the steel will receive a grit blasting, to remove all foreign particles, then be tested to meet standards,

it then will receive a thermal coating,  depending on the required life Spane or standard,

zinc will coat and protect for 25 years

zinc alloy will coat and protect for 45 years

Alloys will coat and protect for 85 years


so depending on the clients requirement we can cover it all

welding steel farbication

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