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Steel Fabrication

For their clients, Quantum comms has been fabricating steel since 2020, to meet the ever-growing infrastructure demand, ranging from basic steel plates and frames, to full mast structures and Steel Jacket, they have an amazing team with over 120 years of combined knowledge, which is evident in the product that is produced. Quantum comms offers Express services, being able to deliver with 5 days turn around, providing product availability.

In order to reduce order turnaround times,

    • Qauntum maintains an extensive inventory of standard products.
    • Qcomms has experienced lead times of up to 30 days to receive HDG,
    • Qcomms has recently invested in a thermal coating system, a whole game changer for delivery times,
    • Qcomms can now control the quality, and time frame of steel.

Quantum Comms offers in-house metal fabrication services with our state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutter that can precisely cut up to 25mm stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum.

Our certified metal fabricators and welders are experienced in producing a range of structural steelwork for all manner of industries.

Our 3.2m 120t brake press allows for accurate folding and a more comprehensive range of productions.

welding steel farbication

More About Our Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication is produced using various processes such as cutting, bending, and assembling using steel. Metal fabrication often forms a complete assembly made from smaller or sub-assemblies that are readily available.

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