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EWP Hire | Cherry Picker Boom Lift

Quantum comms have a state-of-the-art fleet of over 28 truck-mounted EWPs with a maximum reach of 101m and a Ruthman Steiger with an incredible 40m outreach.

EWPs hire is available nationwide, and we offer tailored and competitive rates for short or long-term, wet or dry hire to suit our client’s individual needs.

Our machines and plants are kept up to date with maintenance and safety checks. All plant is supplied with a current log book and daily prestart checks to ensure we deliver safe and reliable equipment to each job site.

All EWPs are Fitted with lifting arms or winches, and 4WD access Quantum supplies a team of highly competent EWP operators with rigging, dogging, and telecommunications experience.

Operators hold valid HR licenses, first aid & CPR, working at heights, tower rescues, telecommunications carrier inductions, Electrical spotter, and more!

Cherry Pickers, Boom Lifts, And More

Our Boom Lift Hire

If You’re looking for a way to work safely and efficiently at height? We at Quantum Comms have got the perfect solution, offering a range of boom lift hires at great rates for Melbourne projects.

Fulfill your high access requirements safely with boom lift hire from Quantum Comms.


Cherry pickers are the obvious choice for maintenance, whether it’s a high level of maintenance, window cleaning, or even high excess power cables, street lights, or cable inspection.

At Quantum Comms, we offer quality access equipment to help you work safely at heights. Featuring several boom lifts, cherry pickers, and scaffolds, you’re sure to find the right equipment here to meet your needs.

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About Our Cherry Picker/ EWP Hire

Cherry pickers are an elevated working platform that is either electrically powered or petrol operated. Ideal for safe and efficient work above ground, they are indispensable to many maintenance and construction projects.

EWP/ Elevated Work Platform Hire

Our towable, aerial hydraulic working platform features a fly boom with articulated action Ideal for maintenance and construction projects above ground. As a commitment to provide outstanding customer service, our cherry picker hire cost is competitively priced, and we also offer a special weekend rate.

Our Trailer And Vehicle Hire

Quantum Comms offers a wide variety of trailers and utility vehicles for hire in Melbourne.  We also provide a sort of tip truck for various purposes. We have affordable and convenient trailer hire Melbourne tradespeople can utilize to get the job done. To see our range of vehicles and trailers for hire.

Trailer Hire

We cater to all types of hires, including moving, industry, handypersons, and tradespeople. Our team prides itself on providing excellent service and knowledgeable trailer hire that suits customer needs and expectations.

Our selection of trailer hire products is the perfect solution for your temporary hauling requirements. When you need reliable service, hire trailers from the team at Quantum Comms.

We At Quantum Comms Also Have Vehicles For Hire

We have many utility vehicles available to hire, such as utes and heavy-duty tip trucks.

Whether you require ute hire for transporting tools, picking up small loads, or towing a trailer, you’re sure to find the right one here to meet your needs. When you need to haul more substantial loads, we also offer heavy-duty tip trucks and ATVs for hire to get the job done.

Our tip trucks are heavy-duty trucks that come with a significant weight capacity and a well-maintained cabin. It provides versatility, high productivity, and convenience.