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Quantum Comms has multiplied by expanding its original core business and now provides a range of rigging and construction services to the telecommunications industry across Australia.

Quantum Comms has over 50 years combined experience in the industry, with competent crews completing high-quality installations ahead of time and under budget.

Quantum Comms has a qualified and experienced team who will follow a site from beginning to end and deliver a high-quality build. Quantum comms cover scope from:

Procurement of materials obtain relevant permits to work, Civil works, Cable runs, Hut Installation, Complete External comms install, Complete Internal comms install, testing and commissioning, comprehensive handover documentation, LadSaf install and inspections, preventative maintenance, and more.

The following reliable in-house equipment allows our competent comms teams to complete installation to testing hassle-free and on schedule.

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Quantum Comms Have Crews On Hand To Complete Works In All Of The Below Fields:

the use of the telephone to communicate