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Boom Type Elevated Work Platform: The Versatile Solution

Quantum Comms is a company that provides a wide range of telecommunications services to clients across different sectors, including civil and construction work. One of the most important tools in our arsenal is the boom type elevated work platform (EWP), which has become a versatile solution for various types of work, such as telecommunications, civil works, and construction. In this article, we will explore what a boom type EWP is, the different types available, and the benefits it offers to Quantum Comms.

What is a Boom Type Elevated Work Platform?

A Boom Type Elevated Work Platform, also known as a cherry picker, is a type of aerial work platform that is mounted on a vehicle or trailer. The platform is usually made up of a basket or bucket that is attached to a hydraulic arm, which can extend upwards and outwards to reach high or difficult-to-reach areas. The operator controls the arm from the basket using a set of controls that enable them to move the platform up and down, as well as rotate it to the desired position.

Types of Boom Type Elevated Work Platforms

There are different types of boom type elevated work platforms, each designed to suit different applications. Here are some of the most common types:

Telescopic Boom Lift

A telescopic boom lift has a straight arm that can extend to great heights, making it ideal for jobs that require a long reach. It is also useful for working in areas with limited access, such as narrow streets or alleys. The platform can be rotated, making it easy to work in different directions, and it is equipped with stabilizers that provide extra stability when working at heights.

Articulating Boom Lift

An articulating boom lift has several jointed sections that enable it to bend and reach around obstacles. It is ideal for working in tight spaces, such as inside buildings, and for accessing hard-to-reach areas, such as the underside of bridges or overhangs. It is also useful for working around trees and other obstacles that would otherwise make it difficult to reach the desired location.

Trailer Mounted Boom Lift

A trailer-mounted boom lift is a type of EWP that is mounted on a trailer and can be towed behind a vehicle. It is easy to transport and set up, making it ideal for short-term jobs that require a lot of mobility. It can be extended to great heights and is equipped with stabilizers to ensure stability when working at heights.

Benefits of Boom Type Elevated Work Platforms for Quantum Comms

Boom type elevated work platforms offer numerous benefits for Quantum Comms, including:

Enhanced Safety

Working at heights can be dangerous, but boom type elevated work platforms offer enhanced safety features that minimize the risk of accidents. The platforms are equipped with safety harnesses that prevent the operator from falling out of the basket, and they also have stabilizers that ensure stability when working at heights. Quantum Comms takes safety seriously and we ensure that all our employees are trained to operate these machines safely and efficiently.

Increased Efficiency

Boom type elevated work platforms can significantly increase efficiency when working at heights. The operator can easily move the platform up and down and rotate it to the desired position, which reduces the time and effort required to complete. Call us today to get a quote.

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